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Janrain engage – Make a buddypress plugin
Until yesterday I did not know what Janrain is. I was working with a client who needed to use the...
Janrain engage – Make a buddypress plugin
Janrain engage – Make a buddypress plugin

Until yesterday I did not know what Janrain is. I was working with a client who needed to use the plugin for buddypress on their site. So, I had to start checking the buddypress community to see if anybody had a solution.

Janrain is basically a single sign on ( SSO ) that works in the same way as DISQUS and the like. Janrain however, is not a comment management system. It integrates well with wordpress which locagically should be a good sign for potential buddypress ( and other wordpress dependent plugins). Surprisingly, the solution is so simple I laughed much of the day. It is literally one line of code and two years of sweet for the buddypress community are behind us… Let’s  go. Shall we?! By the way, at this point I will assume you’ve installed the plugin and configured it properly.

1) Have your buddypress child theme.

In buddypress, we need to use child themes if we do not want out code to be overwritten at update. It is not the aim of this tutorial, so I will not cover the process. However, I will turn your attention to the  registration component. In that component there are two template files : activate.php and register.php  We are interested in the latter. Open that file ( register.php ) and locate in that page the form fore registration. Also locate where you want the registration buttons to appear and add:

2) Smile!

Seriously… that’s it! Oh oh…you can also buy me a cup of coffee

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  • Jonas says:


    It works as a login for already registered users but not as registration for new users

  • Ime says:

    HI, i haven’t understand your last point of the adding
    Please clear its location to where to put this line in child theme.

    • Janvier says:

      Hi lme, Let’s say your child theme is called “Child theme” located at /child-theme/ In that theme, you should have a /registration/ subdirectory. If you don’t, go to wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/ and copy the /registration/ subdirectory to your child theme main directory, in that case it would be /child-theme/ so you end up with /child-theme/registration/

      The registration directory has 2 files: register.php and activate.php open register.php and insert the code I put above and that’s it.

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